ATC awards 3 death sentences to accused in double murder including traffic warden

Duniya News-2 months before

According to details, Judge Raja Pervez Akhtar of the Special Anti-Terrorism Court sentenced the main accused to death three times and co-accused has been sentenced to life imprisonment three times after the final arguments of the lawyers in the case of killing two persons including a traffic warden by firing during Iftar time in Ramadan 2018.

The court also imposed a fine of Rs500,000 on both the accused. Waris Khan Police Station had registered a case No. 478 on June 12, ...018 against Raja Raidad and his accomplice Imran Iqbal.

It was alleged that the accused had parked his vehicle at the no parking lot around Iftar time, upon asking Raja Raidad to remove his car from no parking lot he open fired on the traffic warder.

As a result, traffic warden Shahid Sarwar and a passer-by named Nisar, a resident of Gujranwala, who was working as a tailor in Raja Bazaar, were seriously injured.

Those present at the scene apprehended the accused along with his vehicle and handed him over to the police while the injured were rushed to the hospital but both succumbed to their injuries.

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