Albany County confirms 12 new positive cases of COVID-19

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The two also commented on keeping the infection rate down to a manageable level, travelers, testing for students, and quarantine protocols for essential workers.

"I know people are planning vacations, 34 states are [on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's travel advisory quarantine list], pick someplace else to go," McCoy said on vacationing safely.

"There's beautiful places here that you can go to and don't have to worry about quarantine," McCoy noted.

"I will say to the workers and people in general, be smart. I know you're going to be going to places and you think 'well, I'm stay away from everyone and do the right thing', but why even go to a hot-bed?" McCoy added.

Additionally, Whalen touched on some questions they've been receiving from residents with children going back to school, and if they should be tested.

"In terms of testing, anybody of any age can be tested. If it is a child under the age of 18 they will need to be accompanied by a parent," Whalen stated, noting you should consult the health department website and call ahead to get an appointment. 

"I have two children that are 18 and 19 that are going off to college and they went and did get tested at the SUNY site in anticipation of going back to start college and said it was a seamless process. The two of them drove out together, got their test, came home, and they were thankfully notified that they were both negative," Whalen noted.

"Different colleges have different recommendations, so if you're sending your child back to college, it's important to look and see what the policy of that college is," Whalen continued.

"If you're going to be bringing your child to a college in a state that currently has a quarantine recommendation, please know that if you stay for longer for 24 hours that you follow the quarantine recommendation when you get back," Whalen added.

Segueing into quarantines, Whalen provided more advisement to essential workers on proper protocols to follow.

"When you're outside of work, you should be in quarantine, you should be at home. If you're an essential worker that means you go to your job, you are masked, you keep distance from people where possible, you follow guidance, get screened for your temperature, screened for symptoms, do what you do at work and then you go home," Whalen emphasized on the importance of adhering to quarantine.

In breaking down the cases, McCoy said there have been 2,322 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Albany County to date. Additionally, the number of people under mandatory quarantine has ticked up to 580. The five-day average for new daily positives has dropped to eight.

Presently, there are 37 active cases. Thus far, 7,625 people have completed quarantine. Of those who completed quarantine, 2,285 of them had tested positive and recovered, an increase of six.

Currently, there are two people hospitalized and the hospitalization rate remains at 0.08%. There is still one patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Among the 12 new positive cases reported Wednesday include two healthcare workers or those who live in congregate settings, six with close contacts to positive cases, and four who did not have a clear source of transmission.

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