Alleged New Hampshire Church Shooting Suspect Assaults Public Defender

Upto Boston-1 year before

Dale Holloway, 37, of Manchester, attacked Michael Davidow, 52, on Monday morning during a jailhouse meeting at the Hillsborough County House of Corrections, reports released on Tuesday indicate. Davidow suffered a broken nose, various head contusions and a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

The assault occurred in an unmonitored room, according to jail officials. Immediately after the incident, Davidow told paramedics he didn’t remember going to work, and was unable to answer questions about the year or time of day. During later questioning, he remembered putting his phone and keys into ... locker at the jail before his meeting with Holloway, and then waking up in the ambulance.

During a subsequent interview with police, Davidow indicated that a previous meeting with Holloway hadn’t gone well, and that the suspect did not want him as a defender.

Holloway is being accused of a shooting during a wedding at the New England Pentecostal Ministries in Pelham on October 12th that left Claire McMullen,60, and the presiding minister Stanley Choate, 75, in serious condition. He faces five charges in connection with the shooting, including attempted murder, first and second degree assault, simple assault and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Holloway has been previously charged in Massachusetts with domestic abuse and kidnapping, as well as a 2003 conviction for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault to kill.

previously charged While authorities have indicated the motive is still under investigation, they have reported that the groom, Mark Castiglione, is the father of a man recently charged with killing Holloway’s stepfather.

At his arraignment on Tuesday on first degree assault charges, Holloway plead not guilty and denied assaulting Davidow, according to WMUR.

according to WMUR "I flicked the lights twice and knocked on the window for someone to come give him aid to his nose bleeding," he said. "His nose started bleeding and I ran to help, so I don't see where I went wrong here. I am not a threat or a danger to society.”

In other court documents, Holloway claimed he has been legally blind in one eye since birth and has suffered from a traumatic head injury as an adult.

Holloway is currently being held in preventative detention. Davidow’s office has since withdrawn from the case.

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