Apple unveils its first microprocessor for Mac computers

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The change of chips will mark a move away from Intel Corp technology that has driven the electronic brains of Mac computers for nearly 15 years.

The change will be a boon for Apple computers, whose sales are overshadowed by its iPhone but still total tens of billions of dollars per year. Apple hopes developers now will create families of apps that work on both computers and phones.

Apple Inc said in June that it would begin outfitting Macs with its own chips, building...on its decade-long history of designing processors for its iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

Apple’s phone chips draw on computing architecture technology from Arm Ltd and manufactured by outside partners such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp, or TSMC.

Power efficiency - that is, getting the most computing done per watt of energy consumed - is one of Apple’s key aims.

Microsoft Corp and Qualcomm Corp have been working together for four years to bring Arm-based Windows laptops to market, with major makers such as Lenovo Group Ltd, Asustek Computer and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd offering machines.

But for both Microsoft and Apple, the true test will be software developers. Apple is hoping that the massive group of iPhone developers will embrace the new Macs, which will share a common 64-bit Arm computing architecture with the iPhone and be able to use similar apps.

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