Candidate for Shawangunk judgeship doesn't live in town, can't serve if he doesn't move there

Daily Freeman-1 year before

If Collins doesn't establish an address in the town by the day before the Nov. 5 election, and he wins the race, he will not be allowed to serve, according to Ulster County Republican Commissioner of Elections Tom Turco. In that case, the Town Board would appoint someone to the post, Turco said.

Collins, who currently is an Ulster County legislator and Ellenville school board member, lives in the village of Ellenville, which is part of the town of Wawarsing.

Asked if he planned to relocate to Shawangunk, which is adjacent to Wawarsing, Collins responded: “No, no, no.”...>
Collins said Democratic officials convinced him to run for the Shawangunk judgeship so that someone who does not have the apparent conflict of serving as both a legislator and school board member could run for the District 15 Legislature seat.

The candidates for the Legislature seat are John Gavaris, who will be on the Democratic line on the ballot; and Paul McAndrews Jr., who will be on the Republican, Conservative and Independence Party lines.

Collins was nominated to run for the Shawangunk judgeship by that town's Democratic Committee. The committee chairwoman, Adrienne Gelfand-Perine, said this week that she was unaware of Collins' residency and that the information was not provided at the committee's July 16 nominating caucus.

“I had no prior knowledge as to who he was,” Gelfand-Perine said by phone. “But the name was brought up, and we didn’t have any candidates, so he was voted on.”

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