Cat finds a home after 2,432 days at Ulster County SPCA shelter

Daily Freeman-11 months before

The black domestic short-hair cat has been adopted by Ashlee Houghtaling and her mother, Ann, who read about Plankton in a Daily Freeman article about a week ago and thought he might be the right fit for their family, said SPCA Marketing Coordinator Jamie Dae.

in a Daily Freeman article a...out a week ago A survivor of renal failure, Plankton had been at the shelter in the town of Ulster for 2,432 days, since he was a kitten, due to his medical condition.

Ashlee loved and lost a dog to renal failure and so was familiar with Plankton’s needs, the SPCA said.

“I thought it was so sad that no one was adopting him because he had a medical condition,” the agency quoted Ashlee as saying. “The fact that he had been there for so long, it really hit home for me. Sick cats needs homes, too.”

Plankton’s new family includes two cats, Nutmeg and Boots, which should suit the sociable Plankton well, the SPCA said.

The agency said because of its no-kill policy and donations made by community members, Plankton was able to wait at the shelter as long as necessary for adoption.

Still at the shelter and waiting for homes are a cat named Lady Oreo; two dogs previously featured in the Freeman, Mia and Romeo; and a dog named Smoke.

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