From a Jeff Bezos romcom to an Elon Musk thriller, our wish list of tech movies

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Silicon Valley may not seem like the most obvious setting for high drama – there’s a reason film-makers resort to animations of text scrolling across the screen to try to make hacking seem dramatic – but beneath the tastefully minimalist surface lie outsize personalities, vast sums of money and more than a few blood grudges.

Silicon Valley Here are a few highly fictional proposals we hope to see on the festival circuit next spring. Lord know... we don’t need another movie about Steve Jobs.

another movie The inspirational story of an incredibly bright and accomplished woman forced to deal with men 20 years younger and considerably less competent than her. Happy ending. Based loosely on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Lord of the Rings, starring Sean Parker. This is a home video.

home video

Sean Parker Facebook Twitter Pinterest Elon Musk realizes that he is the only person in the world who is not a video game character. Or is he? As he attempts to escape this realm (level?) for Mars, he’s wracked with existential angst. “How do I get out of here? Am I conscious? Unconscious? Who’s real? Who’s not real?” Psychological thriller.

not a video game character This movie is unrated. Take it off this list.

unrated Founder and CEO Brian Chesky rents out his spare bedroom on Airbnb as a publicity stunt, but when the weekend is over Tina refuses to leave. Thanks to California’s strong tenant laws, Chesky finds himself in a bind. He can’t evict his unwelcome guest without risking a PR nightmare, and he can’t convince her to leave. Chesky finds himself a prisoner of his own making, unable to trust anyone with his secret dilemma. Meanwhile, as Tina (Helena Bonham Carter) stakes her claim on Chesky’s condo, she also starts to find her way into his heart. Is this a match made in Odd Couple heaven? Or does Tina have a hidden agenda?

California’s strong tenant laws Eyes Wide Open. Eric is in a long-term relationship.

long-term relationship Jeff Bezos (Tom Hanks) has a world-dominating e-commerce corporation, a spaceship, a national newspaper – and a crush on Greta (Meg Ryan). But when he runs a routine background check on the woman of his dreams, he makes an unwelcome discovery: Greta has gone into bankruptcy four times, thanks to Amazon. Once an independent bookseller, Greta has tried and failed to make a go of it as a small business owner (after books, there was a corner store, then a delivery service, and finally (after taking out a loan for code school) a fledgling web services startup). Can Jeff hide his true identity from the woman he’s falling for? Can Greta accept Jeff as the one-click solution to all her troubles?

independent bookseller corner store delivery service web services
Will he be the one-click solution to all her troubles?
Will he be the one-click solution to all her troubles? Facebook Twitter Pinterest 50 Shades of Blue. Marissa Mayer looks at color swatches for two hours.

50 Shades of Blue Inspired by cult classic film Soylent Green, four tech bros decide to invent a food substitute for the busy professional. But after months in the lab – and with their seed funding dwindling – they realize that the formula for their product has been staring them in the face the whole time. You won’t see the twist coming. Gory.

Soylent Green food substitute After a run of bad exits, Marc Andreessen and Benedict Evans are fed up with Silicon Valley and ready for adventure. They set out on a world tour in hopes of finding their souls, and some decent returns, but when they arrive in India, their hosts won’t let them leave until they admit that colonialism was a mistake. Four hours long.

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