Hurley asks state commission to probe Hudson Valley Water Co.

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The company's wells provide water to a total of 349 customers in Hurley, Mount Marion, High Falls and Boiceville.

The Hurley Town Board voted unanimously Monday to seek an investigation by the state commission because Hudson Valley Water Co. has ignored town requests for information that's needed by fire departments.

“The town would appreciate the commission’s assistance with verifying HVWC’s total service territory within the town,” Hurley Supervisor John Perry wrote to the Public Service Commission.

Among information being sought is a list of the fire hydra...ts connected to Hudson Valley Water Co.'s service lines.

“The fire department ... has no record of every receiving any records or reports that indicate whether the fire hydrants HVWC services have been tested or that their functionality has been confirmed,” Perry wrote. “It’s the town’s belief that, similarly, residents with hydrants located on their property who receive water service from HVWC have also never received any records or reports that show that the emergency equipment is functional.”

The town also wants the state commission to look into whether Hudson Valley Water Co. is keeping its promise to use money from a rate increase last year to improve the quality and reliability of service.

“A number of residents have felt driven to spend their own money to install water filters, which are regularly getting clogged by sediment coming through the system,” Perry wrote. “Residents have also experienced inadequate water pressure and ... long periods of time without water service, ranging from a few days to sometimes weeks at a time.”

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