In rematch of 2018, Brindisi, Tenney square off in New York's 22nd Congressional District

Daily Freeman-2 months before

Four years ago, the district, which covers a large swath of central New York from Lake Ontario to the Southern Tier, supported President Donald Trump by 15.5 percent. That helped Tenney succeed fellow Republican Richard Hanna in the seat. But two years later, Brindisi defeated her by fewer than 4,500 votes to flip the seat and helped the Democrats regain the majority in the House.’s simulations give the slight edge to Brindisi to hold the seat in a race that also features Libertarian candidate Keith Price on the ballot...

Given the tight nature of the race, Brindisi and Tenney, both of whom served in the state Assembly before going to Washington, have taken turns attacking each other’s positions on such topics as the economy, the environment and law enforcement.

Tenney has criticized Brindisi for voting for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which she claims would defund the police. Brindisi told WUTQ radio earlier this year he supported the bill because both the Senate and House had similar bills and he hopes to see a compromise come through.

told WUTQ radio “I do believe, as many liberals and conservatives believe, that there has to be some reform to qualified immunity,” he said.

The former congresswoman has received support from 13 police associations and has said she would not vote to cut funding to law enforcement agencies.

“Law enforcement, who so ably and bravely protect and serve our communities, deserve our support. … I will always stand up and fight for our law enforcement to ensure they get the resources, training, and support they need and deserve,” she said in a statement.

Brindisi has attacked his opponent for helping give Spectrum Communications a $9 billion tax break thanks to her vote for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for 2017. Yet, Tenney has countered that her opponent has received about $400,000 in indirect contributions to help his campaign.

Healthcare has also been a topic of discussion in the contentious campaign, with Brindisi posting on Twitter a picture of Tenney taking a selfie after she voted to repeal Obamacare. Brindisi said he opposes efforts allowing insurance companies to refuse coverage to people with preexisting conditions.

Tenney, on her website, said she believes in a free-market solution that would enable individuals to select an affordable plan that allows them to keep their physician.

In his campaign, Price has called for greater social and economic freedom and transparency. As individuals and businesses have tried to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, he has called for a suspension of both payroll and income taxes for the time being.

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