It Happens Here: Carver Boy Launches Food Pantry Serving 1,800 Families

CBS Boston-3 months before

Down the street more fresh food awaits at the Shane Gives Thanks food pantry. At just seven years old, Shane McColgan wanted to do something meaningful to help people going hungry in his own community.

Shane Giv...s Thanks food pantry ” I just walked up to my mom that day saying, ‘will I be able to change this?’ And she said ‘absolutely.’ And then a couple months later we started doing the Thanksgiving boxes for the people,” Shane said.

Those Thanksgiving boxes eventually turned into a whole pantry. Six years after launching, it now services close to 1,800 families from Carver and surrounding towns.

When he was 7, Shane McColgan started the Shane Gives Thanks food pantry. (Family photo)

“It’s nice to see the community has embraced him and allowed him to kind of live out his dream,” Shane’s aunt, Monica Cole, said.

She volunteers at the pantry along with Shane’s grandparents, his uncle Wayne, and little sister Payton, who started Payton Packs – nutritious bags of food distributed to local schools.

The pantry runs strictly on donations with residents, grocery stores, and local farmers all contributing.

“This is a huge community effort,” Cole said. “Without the support that we’ve had, from not only Carver but the surrounding towns, I don’t think that this would have gone as well as it has.”

“I’ve seen people, when I was taking the food out, crying that they were so happy that they’re going to be able to have something to eat,” Shane’s uncle Wayne Cols said. “It’s been a tough time.”

“I like feel like I’m actually doing something great in my life. I’m like overjoyed to help,” Shane said.

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