It Happens Here: Pembroke’s Unity Campaign Brings Struggling Companies Together

CBS Boston-2 months before

Shawn Flores co-owns the Acme Print Company and they took a giant hit when the pandemic struck.

That’s when he heard about the idea of the unity campaign – printing companies making T-shirts for struggling businesses, so their fans had another way to support them during the shutdown.

“The ...etail cost of the shirt had a 19 price point on it. Out of that $19, we took $10 right off the top and sent it to that business,” Flores said.

One of those businesses was People’s Republik, a restaurant-bar in Cambridge. More than a hundred shirts were purchased within just the first few weeks of the campaign.

“Some people needed that money just to pay their rent over the summer,” Gallivan said. “It’s something really special.”

And the campaign kept Acme afloat as well, bringing in new customers who were impressed with the company’s mission.

“They’ve come here on their own regard and said, ‘Hey, you guys did a good thing. You can print our shirts, as well,’” Flores said. “We’re unifying everybody who’s in the exact same predicament.”

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