LETTER: Be wise to risks that cellphones carry

Daily Freeman-1 year before

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Nina Sachs, a doctor of internal medicine, said on WAMC radio recently that screening should now begin at age 45. Colorectal cancers even is being found at age 30 and 35. The reason isn’t clear, but she suspects environmental causes.

I concur. And what factor is new? Just look how dramatically our habits have changed in recent years: We carry cellphones in our pockets and in purses hanging over the lower body. In addition, I’ve read that surgeons have begun to find odd cancer lesions in the surface area of the breast. No puzzle there... Women stow phones in their bra.

So why don’t we know the details on the connection between these EMF/WiFi radiations and cancers? From the start, the 1990s, the telecom industries leapt into action to control, suppress and pollute the research with intensity of money and purpose, for gain at the expense of public well-being (just like Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and Big Oil). We need to be wise to this, uncover the mountain of valid independent research, change our habits, talk back and fend off the rollout of more radiations (5G, which will literally swamp us in intense EMF/WiFi exposures).

The consequences of ignorance are serious and mounting. Via 15 different biochemical pathways, these radiations promote cancers. Turn off that phone as much as possible, keep it away from your body, and please don’t give it to a child.

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