LETTER: Church has abandoned social mandate to government

Daily Freeman-2 years before

Christa Hines, executive director of Hudson River Housing Inc., offered fabulous help, patience, understanding and cooperation as we tried to help a homeless friend. The contrast between her help and the response of two local churches was stark and saddening.

As a Bible-believing Christian and political conservative, I believe the church has abandoned much of its social mandate to the government. It is our responsibility to care for those in need.

Instead, the homeless are abandoned, the unborn left undefended, the hungry left to...come to food banks, the elderly and sick go unvisited in our nursing facilities.

Churches, which should be beacons of love, content themselves with being self-contained social clubs.

It is no wonder our youth are leaving. They see our cold doctrine, our words without action, our apathy toward our fellow man. While churches aren’t meant to be merely social service organizations, that does not excuse us from the work. We are the hands, the ears, the heart of our Savior. If we don’t show His love, we are empty gongs. And when critics accuse us of being hypocrites, we are forced, to our shame, to remain silent before the charge.

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