LETTER: Danskammer plan is 'economically and environmentally illogical'

Daily Freeman-1 year before

The Danskammer power plant seeks to expand its natural gas power generation in Newburgh. This is economically and environmentally illogical.

An expanded Danskammer would discharge greenhouse gases and other toxic emissions into our atmosphere, accelerating climate change. It would lock in fossil fuel use for decades, when renewable energy solutions are urgently needed. Danskammer contradicts New York’s Green New Deal, which seeks 100 percent carbon-neutral electricity generation by 2040.

A 2018 Rocky Mountain Institute study cautions investors, including public utilities,...against building new natural gas-powered plants because renewable energy costs have been dropping for the past decade and soon will have a price advantage over gas-fired technology. A 2018 study by Lazard, a financial advisory firm, notes the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for renewables, especially onshore wind and utility-scale solar, is lower than the cheapest natural gas, even without subsidies factored in. Utility regulators in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia have turned away from new gas-fueled power plants in favor of renewable energy solutions. Danskammer will saddle New York ratepayers with billions in stranded assets.

Danskammer’s proponents claim it’s needed to replace power from the Indian Point nuclear plant, which is to shut down by April 2021. But Indian Point’s reactors went offline numerous times in 2019 without notable interruptions of power supply.

Ratepayers shouldn’t be anchored to this fossil fuel investment. Please contact Gov. Cuomo’s office and say no to this dinosaur-era power-generation plant.

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