LETTER: Don't believe lies about Rep. Delgado

Daily Freeman-1 year before

During a recent forum at SUNY New Paltz, three self-anointed environmental saviors attempted to falsely accuse Rep. Antonio Delgado of taking campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry. They publicly called him a liar.

What these three people didn't disclose is their own links to the fossil fuel industry. I'm presuming they either drove or rode bikes to the SUNY campus. Did they have gas in their vehicle tanks? Busted — linked to fossil fuel. Their bikes must have synthetic seats and tires — manufactured through fossil fuels. Their link is now clearly solid! I won'... even point out how their clothes and cellphones are manufactured.

The world is facing unprecedented climate chaos that Delgado is fighting with passion. Now is not the time for silly antics given the severity of what we are confronting. Delgado is in our corner; let's support him.

Please don't try to disparage our congressman with false allegations that offer 30 seconds of celebrity. Please don't call him names. It's disrespectful. It's unkind. And it's a lie.

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