LETTER: Faster approval needed for green energy projects

Daily Freeman-10 months before

One word caught my attention as I looked at the headline on a recent article about expediting the construction of renewable power plants (“Wind, solar developers happy with Cuomo plans to speed approvals,” Feb. 28). That word was “speed.”

...>Wind, solar developers happy with Cuomo plans to speed approvals As a young citizen of the Hudson Valley, I aspire to be here to see clean energy become reality in New York state. But we need speed, because the climate crisis is accelerating, and my future depends on fighting it in every way we can.

Currently in New York, it takes eight to 10 years to get approval to build a new solar and wind farm to replace fossil fuels to generate electricity. So I welcome the news that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed making this process happen faster.

Some state legislators are expressing reservations about Cuomo's plan out of respect for “home rule,” but this objection is based on a very narrow definition of “home.” The planet is everyone’s home, and it is suffocating from our greenhouse gas emissions.

My state legislators, Sen. George Amedore and Assemblyman Chris Tague, need to grasp this wider perspective and vote to include the governor’s measure in the budget bill. My future depends on it.

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