LETTER: Voting is a true democratic process

Daily Freeman-1 year before

Several of the founders of this country died to give us the right to vote. In many countries, people are still fighting and dying for a right that we often take for granted.

Voting is one of the strongest tools we have as citizens to influence government. Voting makes elected officials accountable to the people whose interests they have been elected to represent. Your vote sends a message. Elected officials tend to listen to the majority. Elected officials look at voter turnout. If it is low, they assume people don't care about the issues, and worse, many assume they are doing a g...od job.

Many local elections are decided by a handful of votes. Personally, I lost an election by 45 votes and won another by 36 votes. A Town Board seat in the town of Ulster was decided by one vote.

I know that money can buy advertising and is always a factor in state and national elections, but much less so at the local level. Ultimately, our vote counts equally with that of the richest, most powerful people in town.

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