LETTER: Woodstock Library board ignoring public's wishes

Daily Freeman-1 year before

Re "Woodstock Library board agrees to contract with architect on new library," April 27, 2019: Your article failed to mention the strong opposition expressed by the public at the April 18 meeting of the Woodstock Library Board of Trustees. The plan to demolish the iconic Woodstock Library has sharply divided the community, and the standing-room-only crowd spoke for more than an hour.

...reeman.com/news/local-news/woodstock-library-board-agrees-to-contract-with-architect-on-new/article_d22b1140-6849-11e9-8955-db8cc21c2047.html">Woodstock Library board agrees to contract with architect on new library The trustees ignore their 2017 survey, in which only 25 percent of voters chose the new library option. Most Woodstockers want to see our historic library upgraded and expanded, making use of undeveloped land on the north side. The master plan completed in 2017 indicates a renovation and expansion would cost far less than new construction.

With no voter-approved funds to pay for an architect, the trustees on March 21 transferred $100,000 from salaries and benefits to pay for their $584,000 contract. It’s a sneaky way to fund a project the voters are solidly against.

Woodstockers will meet on Monday, May 20 at the Town Hall to discuss building options never considered by the trustees. The Library Building Alternatives meeting begins at 7 p.m., and all residents are welcome.

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