Letter: Don't remove resource officers from schools

Daily Freeman-6 months before

It is our responsibility to provide them with safe environments. In this time of violent mobs and mentally disturbed individuals, we must provide personnel who are formally trained to protect our children.

Schools, as we have experienced, are prime targets for harm by disturbed individuals. Safety is mandatory for schools to function for children's learning, for teachers' instruction.

It borders on madness to call for the removal of school resource personnel. ("...district/article_c862a33e-baf1-11ea-921a-1f6197cc2e8f.html">Kingston group wants police officers removed from schools in district," June 30, 2020). They are a public notice that our schools are considered safety zones, and these well-trained personnel are critical resources in interrupting dangerous situations.

Kingston group wants police officers removed from schools in district They are excellent mentors to our children and offer stability in the school environments. How then can we consider eliminating these critical persons from our schools?

We need our government and school leaders to appear before the public and defend any decision to jeopardize the safety of our children by removing resource officers from our schools.

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