Letter: Kingston lawmakers' treatment of Julie Noble 'reprehensible'

Daily Freeman-6 months before

It is reprehensible that Kingston Common Council President Andrea Shaut, Majority Leader Reynolds Scott-Childress, Alderman Jeffrey Ventura Morell and Alderwoman Rita Worthington so publicly tarnished the reputation of Julie Noble, wife of Mayor Steve Noble ("4 members of Kingston council call for investigation of mayor but won't say why," July 12, 2020).

.../local-news/4-members-of-kingston-council-call-for-investigation-of-mayor-but-wont-say-why/article_75d64892-c464-11ea-b3ac-3bc2cd3c2a8d.html">4 members of Kingston council call for investigation of mayor but won't say why This thoughtless, irresponsible and unkind action on their part needs to be condemned. At the least, each one of them owes Mrs. Noble a serious, genuine apology.

I’m not a resident of Kingston, but I have personally observed how conscientious, hard-working and committed Julie Noble is, and has been, as a public servant and citizen. I care, very much, that my closest neighboring city does well and is governed by conscientious representatives.

As a retired person, I have also largely “retired” my former practice of expressing opinions publicly. Having said so, we have been reminded — I have been reminded — of the words of the venerable John Lewis: "When you see something that is not right, not just, not fair, you have a moral obligation to say something, to do something."

The actions and words of the four Kingston lawmakers were wrong, are condemnable and should be retracted.

We will never arrive at a more respectful, less polarizing and considerate culture unless we eschew this kind of public impropriety and careless conduct. Whether we agree or disagree with one another's ideas or actions, we must be more careful and respectful of one another.

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