Local Business Owner Arrested at Logan Airport

Upto Boston-1 year before

Sergiu Parfeni, a thirty-one year old man from Malden, was arrested at the JetBlue terminal in Logan, according to WCVB. He was charged with a number of crimes after he fled the airport through a door marked strictly for emergency exits. Following this, he attempted to climb into the cargo hold of a nearby JetBlue plane. Though Parfeni was charged with a number of airport obstructions and trespassing crimes, the police on the scene do not believe...the acts were at all connected to terrorism, per the Boston Herald.

WCVB Boston Herald The expectation is that Parfeni will be bailed out, but currently he is undergoing hospitalization. As a result of this, his arraignment by a court in Boston has been delayed. It was supposed to take place yesterday, but instead, we will have to wait a little bit longer to figure out more of the details pertaining to what was actually going on inside Parfeni's mind when he acted this way at Logan.

To many who are close to Parfeni, the arrest has been defined as "shocking." In Malden, he has always been known in his community as a man about town. He has been a representative of the town's Chamber of Commerce, as well as the town's local cable access television channel.

Parfeni has, according to his colleagues, always represented those organizations well at a city level. Additionally, he operates a small business in the town, Bikeeny Cafe, which serves bakery and coffee shop style treats in an Eastern European fashion. It opened earlier this year, but no one who followed Parfeni's business ventures then could have ever predicted where 2019 would end up for the man.

There has to be more to this story and I'm definitely intrigued in following along as the story develops.

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