Lookback: Week of Dec. 30 to Jan. 6

Press Republic-1 year before

• New York’s final frontier is finally entering the cellular telephone age. One month ago, cellular telephone service came to Lake Placid via a transmitter installed atop the Holiday Inn. “I was the first one who got hooked up locally,” said Josef Eigenmann, a computer-software salesman based in Lake Placid, who uses his car telephone on business trips throughout New England. By the end of 1995, Mountain Cellular of Plattsburgh hopes to plug the remaining holes in cellular service in the Adirondacks by erecting about 10 more towers throughout Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties....br>
• Bombardier Corp. may be back in as a major manufacturing plant on Plattsburgh Air Force Base. The Montreal-based railcar manufacturer had recently begun looking elsewhere to build its plant because of a 30-day kickout clause in its interim lease with PAFB. But local officials and Air Force brass met recently to discuss removing the clause to help clear the way for the firm. Ask if the kickout clause is definitely going, Plattsburgh Intermunicipal Development Council Chairman William McBride said: “I don’t know, but I think it’ll happen.”

• A district merger is an appealing concept to the Willsboro Central School Board, but finding a district with which to merge may be a problem. During 1988-89, a feasibility study on consolidating the Elizabethtown-Lewis, Keene, Westport and Willsboro district was conducted. But in 1989, Elizabethtown-Lewis withdrew from any further merger consideration, which eliminated Keene from the mix because of its location. In an attempt to get things rolling again, the Willsboro School Board will visit the Westport School Board before the Westport board’s upcoming meeting. “We’d like our board and the Westport board to get to know each other, and start by looking at the possibility of sharing some services,” Willsboro School Board Vice President Bryan Garvey said.

• North Country Agnews were asked by the Press-Republican to stand in the Vice President’s shoes for a few moments and make New Year’s resolutions for the nation. Either of the ten contacted agreed that ending the war in Vietnam would be their number one New Year’s resolution were any of them vice president. Dr. Paul Agnew of Cumberland Head said his national resolve would be to “do everything possible to attain world peace and — within the country — to attain just and equitable solutions to the race conflict.” Locally, Victor J. Agnew of Beekmantown Corners said “I’d like to see some more industrial firms in here and give the boys some work in the North Country.” The Press tried in vain to reach the only local presidential namesake listed in the phone directory but there was no answer at the home of Warren Nixon in Ausable Forks.

• At 3:42 a.m. Thursday, the first North Country baby of the new year and the new decade was born. A baby son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wagner of Ticonderoga in the Moses-Ludington Hospital. The Wagner baby had no competition for his throne as the first baby of the year. It was not until four hours later that a daughter was born to John and Veronica Millhouse of Cadyville as the first girl and first Clinton County baby of the year at 8:02 a.m. Mrs. Millhouse, at the CVPH Medical Center, said she really hadn’t spend much time thinking about a New Year’s resolution.

• A faulted New York to Vermont power cable on the floor of Lake Champlain is leaking a small amount of oil, according to New York State Power Authority Chairman James A. Fitzpatrick. Oil must be pumped through the cable to keep it from taking on water, he said. The broken cable is leaking between one and four gallons every 24 hours. “We’ve had divers out there, but they’ve had difficulty because of the extreme cold and the great depth. It’s over 160 feet deep,” Fitzpatrick said.

• Participants in the Sixth War Loan bond drive who posed for the photograph on the stage of the Strand theatre two weeks ago, are requested to call at the Tyndall newsroom to identify themselves in the photograph. The group picture was taken at the close of the Strand’s bond drive and the committee desires identification for the records.

• A contingent of 40 residents of Essex County will leave soon in the January draft. Thirty-five will go to Albany for pre-induction examinations. Five will go for induction, having previously been accepted for service. Those who will be inducted are: Kimpton J. Vosburg, Ticonderoga; Ralph C. Murdock and James G. Towne, Crown Point; George W. Edwards, Port Henry and William A. Stowell, Chilson.

• T-5 Russell Clark and his sister, T-5 Ella Bayer, had a morale builder a few weeks ago when T-5 Clark got a 48-hour pass in Paris. Clark, who has been with his outfit in Germany for several months, had been waiting for a pass ever since he knew his sister was in Paris with headquarters command as a telephone operator. Their mother is Mrs. Gladys Parks of 81 Sailly Ave.

• The New Year was ushered in by the ringing of the Court House bell and the Presbyterian church bell, while the Watch Service at the Methodist church was well-attended. As the clock struck twelve, scores of friends of the newly elected sheriff, William H. Coffey, gathered at the Courthouse and offered their congratulations. This was the only place in town that the New Year’s spirit seemed to be in evidence. The streets were practically deserted and the usual noisy demonstrations of other years were conspicuous for their absence.

• Fortunately, Plattsburghers have escaped from the effects of wood alcohol whiskey, but that does not mean that there is strong evidence of any lack of supply of the Canadian brand, which has been doctored in other ways.

• The YMCA will celebrate open house on New Year’s Day by a program of events that will cover the morning and afternoon. To this, the people of the city both men and women are invited. There will be a programme of drills, music and games put on that should be of interest to all. The morning will be given up to a bowling match between the Bachelors and the Benedicts. This is an annual affair and makes a lot of fun for the bowlers and rooters.

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