Lookback: Week of Jan. 20 to 27

Press Republic-11 months before

• Plattsburgh could become another Lennox, Mass., or Stratford, Ont., says Bill Phillips, one of the architects of a plan to put an arts center on Plattsburgh Air Force Base. Phillips, who conducts both the Plattsburgh Community and Adirondack Youth Orchestras, was referring to two cities that have been put on the map through summer arts festivals. The plan is to establish on Plattsburgh Air Force Base old-base facilities a regional arts and cultural center. An elaborate plan was drawn up by arts-community members Phillips, Marshall Onofrio, Keith Herkalo, Lola Johnson, Helen Kho, Dan ...ordon and Ralph Conroy, and sent to LDR International, the base-reuse consultants in Maryland.

• The Plattsburgh Air Force Base draft reuse plan was officially unveiled Monday and public response was immediate and generally positive. The $400,000 plan — which spotlights job creation, aviation and transportation business and a host of public facilities — is open for public debate and input. Local officials and designers of the plan said it would not interfere with ongoing efforts to keep the base for military use. David Holmes, Plattsburgh Intermunicipal Development Council executive director, said having a reuse plan in hand will not matter if the Base Realignment and Closure Commission decides in this year’s round of base closings to reopen PAFB.

• Black Point Road resident Richard Hitchcock has pushed the Ticonderoga Town Board into asking the state attorney general if it should build a town recreation center. The board disregarded the negative cote at November 1994 referendum on the recreation hall and went with opinions from Essex County Attorney Richard Meyer and the state Association of Towns counsel that the vote was improper and non-binding because no local taxpayer funds were involved. The Town Board put the recreation center to a vote because it was pressure to do so by the Association of Concerned Citizens.

• Lease term agreements for Clinton Community College at Bellarmine will be the same next year as they are this year. But that does not necessarily mean the “rent” cost will be the same, college business officer Clayton Hawks and college president Dr. John Mears said. Clinton Community College opened in the former Bellarmine Jesuit College building last fall. Changes in taxes or insurance rates or a difference in the cost of necessary renovations could change the amount of the rent payments, Mears explained.

• His new assignment as 180th Strategic Aerospace Wing Commander at Plattsburgh Air Force Base couldn’t help pleasing a skier like Col. Gerhard Abendhoff. “My wife and I are avid skiers,” he said when asked how he looked forward to moving. Col. Abendhoff is replacing Col. Wesley Pendergraft, who has been named vice commander at the Ogden Air Material Area at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Abendhoff added that has he received excellent reports of Plattsburgh from Col. Pendergraft. “He spoke highly of the people. He said it was a fine community and I would enjoy myself,” Col. Abendhoff said.

• Definite target dates for the completion of the reconstruction of Route 73 between Ticonderoga and Schroon Lake have been announced by the State Transportation Department. In a letter to Ticonderoga Chamber of Commerce President Mrs. Jane Lape, regional planning engineer D.H. Ruddy, said the remaining work will be divided into two separate contracts. He said the next section to be constructed will be between Chilson and Paradox. The second contract from Severance to Paradox, approximately 6 1/2 miles, should be set in the spring of 1973 at an estimated cost of $7 million, Ruddy said.

• Preliminary plans for a proposed Home Economics unit to be built on the campus of Plattsburgh State Teachers college after the war have been approved by the Postwar Public Works Planning commission, it was announced yesterday by Dr. Charles Ward, president of the college. The building would be erected on the southwest corner of the college grounds, at the corner of Draper Avenue and Brinkerhoff Street. Besides administration offices and a reception unit, student dressing and locker rooms, the building will contain laboratories for clothing, food, textiles, nutrition, home management and microbiology. A homemaking apartment laboratory will include a living-dining room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and entrance hall.

• Marcel F. Mulbury was elected president of the Peru Lions Club at a recent meeting at which the men of the community met to organize the club under the sponsorship of the Dannemora Lions club. Officials from Dannemora, Tupper Lake and Plattsburgh clubs explained the purposes and activities of their clubs, and John L. Brown, the state secretary treasurer of the New York State Lions, was present to explain the technical structure of the organization and to answer questions.

• Stenographic work, in itself, may seem a monotonous routine of pothooks and typewriter keys. But in Army hospitals, each detail is a stone in the foundation of a new life for a wounded soldier, Lt. Alice Athay, local Women’s Army corps recruiting officer, says. Many women, between the ages of 20 and 50, are needed at once to serve as medical stenographers with the Army Medical Department. Applicants should have two years of High School or the equivalent and a knowledge of shorthand and typewriting.

• The members of the 63rd infantry have built a fine large ice skating rink for themselves at the south end of the parade grounds at the Post. Every afternoon, a large crowd of the infantrymen and their friends make use of the rink and some particularly clever skaters are found among the soldiers.

• H.A. Wood, who for the past 21 years has conducted one of the leading clothing establishments in this city, retired from active business yesterday, after having disposed of his business to a company of which Fred E. Brandon is president and manager and B.F. Feinberg is secretary and treasurer. The name under which the Wood store made a lasting reputation will be retained. Neither will the location be changed, the Clinton Street location being regarded as one of the best in Plattsburgh.

• A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Adirondack Improvement Association will be held at the Hotel Witherhill in Plattsburgh today. W.H. Howell, proprietor of the Witherhill, is the president of the organization, and one of the prime movers in the starting of the Association. The society was organized last spring and during the first summer of its existence showed valid reasons why it should become an association of men who have at heart the recognition of the superiority of the Adirondacks as a summer vacation land.

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