Marbletown files fraud claim over former town supervisor receiving unemployment benefits

Daily Freeman-4 months before

Michael Warren received $435 per week from January to June of 2018, and the town of Marbletown recently filed a fraud claim as a result, according to current Supervisor Richard Parete. Parete unseated Warren in the November 2017 town election.

Warren, who is now the Ellenville village manager, said Tuesday that a town of Marbletown bookkeeper suggested he file for unemployment pay after he lost the 2017 election, but he also said he does not remember receiving money from the state.

Warren also said he was unfamiliar with the fraud claim but that it doesn't surprise him give... legal battles between him and the town over approvals he received for proposed subdivisions. 

Parete said he only recently discovered Warren was paid unemployment benefits. The supervisor said personnel files that typically don't come to his attention crossed his desk because planning related to COVID-19 required the town to establish a baseline for unemployment eligibility.

COVID-19 “When we went to the shared-work program. ... I was looking at all of our unemployment claims, and that’s when I started going through the file and noticed it,” Parete said of Warren's claim. “I was not notified of it beforehand.”

Information was not immediately available about what portion of the unemployment payments to Warren came out of town coffers. 

“Municipalities don’t pay unemployment insurance for elected officials, and therefore they’re not eligible to collect,” he said.

State Department of Labor guidelines classify "elected officials" and “members of legislative bodies or of the judiciary” as "excluded" from eligibility for unemployment payments upon leaving office.

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