Marbletown supervisor sued by predecessor over allegation of corruption

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According to Warren, Parete called the approvals of Warren's Duchess Farm Equestrian Community residential subdivision a corrupt use of local government.

Warren filed his lawsuit July 24 in state Supreme Court. The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, says the subdivision approvals were proper.

“The first approvals for this project took over three years ... through the Marbletown Planning Board, which is made up of volunteers with staggered terms,” the suit states. “This board is completely independent of the Town Board or supervisor, and there can be no influence ...y others to this board.”

Warren was elected to the Marbletown Town Board in 2007, and he was elected town supervisor in 2011, 2013 and 2015. He lost his 2017 re-election bid to Parete.

The Duchess Farm Equestrian Community proposal — for land off state Route 213, west of Lucas Turnpike — was submitted to the town Planning Board in 2006 as a four-phase development comprising 19 lots. The first phase won approval in 2007, the second in 2008, and the third in 2011.

Warren, in his lawsuit, objects to Parete’s allegation, stated in an email to Town Board members, that the approvals came by way of “corruption and fraud that Michael Warren... [was] part of.”

Warren said the same email from Parete stated, "For Mike to have ... phases approved without an inspection is criminal.”

Warren's lawsuit also says a Parete comment in an April 4, 2020, Freeman article was defamatory. Parate was quoted as saying: “There’s a lot of corners that were cut, favors that were given, and I think people can come to their own conclusion.”

April 4, 2020, Freeman article The April 4 article was about the town of Marbletown pursuing legal action against Warren over roads, retention ponds and drainage areas in the Duchess Farm Equestrian Community subdivision.

Parete on Friday confirmed that he used the phrase "corruption and fraud" in an email to Town Board members, and he said Warren's lawsuit will prove he was right.

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