Marine Facing Military Murder Charge in Death of Emerson College Student

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Lance Cpl. Samuel London faces five charges in total, a representative for the Marines said Monday: murder, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter and two counts of assault consummated by battery.

Daniel Hollis died last Oct. 2, days after being hospitalized with brain injuries following what his family described as a fight in Brighton.

Daniel Hollis died last Oct. 2...> His family said at the time that Hollis, who was 19, was leaving a party with friends when their group was "confronted" by another group of "college-aged boys." They believed a scuffle ensued during which Hollis was hit, causing him to hit is head on cement or bricks.

Prosecutors didn't say Monday what they believe took place in the incident that led to Hollis' death. It's not immediately clear if London has an attorney who can speak to the charges.

London was arraigned Friday in Quantico, Virginia, and is scheduled for trial on April 26, the Marines representative said.

Hollis' family released a statement Sunday night after they'd been told about the charges saying they were "incredibly grateful" for the military investigators and prosecutors who worked on the case.

They noted that it's been nearly 14 months since the fight that led to Hollis' death, and that "there is no longer the frustration and despair that the accused would not be called to account for their actions. It may be later than we had hoped, but the justice system is at work."

A Suffolk County grand jury had
voted against indicting London this February. The family called that decision devastating.

voted against indicting London "At that time, we felt that there was no justice for our son, our family, and all those who Dan loved and loved him in return," they said, adding that they were angry and in disbelief.

But they said a Boston police detective connected them with an agent from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in June, who told them the military would take over the case because London was a reservist on duty when the incident took place.

Emerson College released a statement Sunday night, following the Hollis family's, saying the student continues to be mourned.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hollis family as they continue to seek justice and closure following his death," the statement read.

Marine Under Investigation for Emerson College Death Won't Be Indicted Slain Emerson Student ‘Made the World Brighter,' Says Family, Grateful for the Support

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