Michael Reagan: The high price of police protests

Daily Freeman-3 months before

The video of that rented U-Haul filled with big signs and who-knows-what-else is all the proof you need that their “peaceful protest” was a planned operation.

Taking over the streets, burning down buildings, destroying businesses, shooting things at police and roughing up ordinary citizens was like a summer job for protesters in dozens of our cities. Now it looks like it’s going to be their full-time fall job, too.

Whether it was a response to George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, the shooting of Jacob Flake by police in Kenosha or Taylor’s acci...ental shooting during a late-night drug raid gone bad, the rioting has been done under the pretext of seeking justice for Black Americans who were victims of allegedly racist cops and a supposedly racist justice system.

But the young Black and white mobsters of 2020 America aren’t doing their cause much good with their nightly melees. All they’ve done is make a lot of new enemies among white people, create new Trump voters and scare the crap out of ordinary citizens who get caught up in the violence or watch it nightly on TV.

BLM's goal is not to get justice for the few unarmed Black victims of police violence in the U.S. each year or to solve the social, economic and policing problems of Black people and their communities. BLM’s radicals are open Marxists who want to create chaos, foment racial hatred and tear down America’s values.

So far, BLM has been successful, thanks to the great job the mainstream media have done to ignore its true nature and goals, and spread its propaganda and lies.

For six months, until the grand jury’s report Wednesday, the media gave us BLM’s version of how Breonna Taylor died in her apartment March 13.

We were told it was a no-knock warrant. We were told Taylor was shot in her bed. We were told that trigger-happy racist police officers were at fault and should be charged with murder. But they were BLM lies.

According to the grand jury, police knocked and announced themselves several times before they broke down the door.

Taylor’s boyfriend, who said he thought the police were intruders, admitted he fired the first shot, hitting an officer in the leg.

The police had a legal right to return fire, which is why the grand jury decided no cop would be charged with homicide. Taylor, killed accidentally when police fired 32 shots, was not in her bed.

Taylor’s death was a tragic mistake. But the sad truth is, if her boyfriend didn’t shoot at the police first, she’d still be alive.

If her boyfriend had killed the cop he shot, by the way, the number of police officers killed in the line of duty so far this year would be 39 instead of 38.

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