Model Kaia Gerber: ‘Growing up, I was obsessed with Grateful Dead merch’

The Guardian-2 years before

That I can’t swim, which is weird because I love the water and have been swimming my whole life.

Kaia Gerber’s favourite emoji. Not necessarily the scariest, but probably the most nervous I’ve been was the Versace Tribute show because it was such a huge m...ment. I also knew the secret that they were going to have all the supers come out and had to hold my tongue the whole time.

Versace Tribute show You’ve collaborated on a collection with Karl Lagerfeld this month. What’s the most memorable thing he’s said to you?

He called me his Choupette once, after his cat, which is the biggest compliment coming from him.

Choupette My new favourite is the Karl x Kaia because I never dreamed that would be on a T-shirt. Growing up, I was always obsessed with Grateful Dead merch.

Karl x Kaia Grateful Dead The Power Of Now opened me up to a whole new way of looking at life.

The Power Of Now I would have to say my mom, Cindy Crawford, because I’ve been able to spend time with her away from the industry and can say definitively she is a genuine and kind person.

my mom Who do you have most pictures of?

Everyone’s been so nice, but one of my closest friends is Vittoria Ceretti who I met backstage.

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