NY Sen. Skoufis wants to update state law for creating new villages

Daily Freeman-11 months before

Skoufis, D-Cornwall, said village incorporation proposals, such as the one for Seven Springs in the Orange County town of Monroe, “have been weaponized as political tools for major developers, in response to these circumstances.”

The proposal for Seven Springs, which would be next to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish village of Kiryas Joel, was put forth by a group of Hasidic Jewish residents and landowners. Skoufis is opposed to the Seven Springs proposal.

Skoufis' bill would raise the required number of signatures on a village incorporation petition from 500 to 2,500, and it ...ould strike a provision that allows the owners of at least 50 percent of the property value in the designated area to petition for a new village. Instead, at least 20 percent of residents qualified to vote in the surrounding town would have to sign a petition for it to move forward.

The senator's proposal also would give the state Comptroller’s Office the authority to make either a favorable or unfavorable determination about the fiscal impacts of a proposed village. If the comptroller deems the village to be fiscally unfavorable, the petition would not move forward. If the comptroller deems the village fiscally favorable, the petition would move to a full vote for everyone in the affected town.

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