New KHS field house steps fail to meet code

Daily Freeman-2 years before

At a Board of Education meeting Wednesday, Superintendent Paul Padalino said the stairs were found to be out of compliance with state code and did not meet standards set by the architect.

“It did not meet the specs required by our architectural firm, so they need to be redone,” he said.

“There are eight to 10 steps and about 20 feet wide,” Padalino said. “Between the railings and the steps there are certain measurements those steps have to be by code, so you don’t trip and that kind of thing.”

Padalino said the steps are “varying sizes, not the requir...d depth, and handrails weren’t properly installed.”

Padalino also said the architects have attempted to be “more rigorous than the code,” but he wasn’t sure how the problem was overlooked during the construction process.

Padalino said there would not be an additional cost for the repairs, which are expected to take about two weeks.

District officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Aug. 30 to mark the completion of the first phase of the high school project, which more than doubles the building capacity of the original campus and renovates the field house under a plan that was approved by voters nearly five years ago.

District officials have said the first phase was completed at a cost of about $80 million and had $1.7 million remaining in a $2.12 million contingency fund.

The second phase will include renovating the 103-year-old main building on the Broadway campus to provide space for student support services, special education administration, fine arts programs, faculty work space and school administration.

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