Saugerties declares emergency to enforce shutdown of playgrounds, senior center, skate park

Daily Freeman-9 months before

Following a Town Board meeting Wednesday, Saugerties Supervisor Fred Costello said the declaration covers town properties and activities not included in New York state's emergency declaration.

Costello said some parents have allowed their children on playground equipment, despite notices that it is off-limits.

“We’re having an easier time enforcing it,” he said. “But we still have a small issue with people not understanding.”

There has also been vandalism related to the town's efforts to keep visitors away from public recreation sites, the supervisor said.<...r>
“Unfortunately, [Tuesday] night, we had someone remove the gate that we close the skate park with,” he said. “We took a piece of chain link fence and we bolted it to the other fence adjacent to it. So somebody took it down. They went out of their way to do this. It was really discouraging that somebody would go through that much effort to be disrespectful.”

Under the emergency declaration, town facilities remaining open to the public will be the police headquarters and the senior center for food distribution only. Town Courts will be opened at the discretion of the town justices.

The town declaration states that “fields, courts, skate park and playgrounds are closed to groups, gatherings and teams, and may only be used by individuals or by members of the same household, unless posted as closed, in which case use is prohibited."

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