Sir Cliff Richard considered hiring a medium to speak to late dad

Daily Freeman-2 months before

The 'Summer Holiday' star has recalled how he wanted to find someone who could help him speak to his father, who passed away when Cliff was just 21-years-old, but he was ultimately discouraged by bass player Brian 'Licorice' Locking.

Writing in his autobiography, 'The Dreamer', he said: "Every day, I missed dad so much. While in Australia, I had seen an advert for a medium. I mentioned that I was thinking of finding a medium to try to talk to dad. Licorice was horrified. 'That’s a terrible idea!' he told me. 'Do you realise how dangerous it is? It is expressly forbidden in the B...ble!'"

Meanwhile, Cliff previously insisted he would never have got through the last years without his Christian faith, after being accused of historic sexual abuse in 2014 for which he was investigated for two years but never charged.

He said of his religion: "I can only say it's the major thing that helped me get through the past four years. Having no faith would have left me hopelessly lost and in the dark. My good friends were always there for me and I couldn't have done without them either.

"But in the end, when you say good night and you close your eyes, there's nobody else but you. But for me there was someone. I never felt neglected or ignored by God. And that was a major factor. I believe it's God's presence that makes you see how committed other people are to you. With what I went through, it would have been easy to become self-centred.

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