Sound Off: Nov. 3, 2020

Daily Star-2 months before

“Thank you Ms. Sangetti-Daniels for helping me realize that as I display my American flag and support the Second Amendment and own guns that I am racist. I also stand when the national anthem is played whether in my home or at sporting events. I think you, as am I, would be more mortified about the Confederate flag than our stars and stripes. You state that you don’t feel safe here. Are you kidding me? Perhaps you should go back to the city where you came from and witness all the shootings and knifings that occur on a daily basis. then perhaps you’ll realize how safe you are up her....”

“Common Councilman Luke Murphy has rightfully considered a constituent’s objection to what they consider ‘racist’ language and ideas on a Neahwa Park plaque. Where he goes off the deep end is his ‘initial instinct … to remove the plaque.’ Spoken like a true snowflake to just react and throw the baby out with the bath water with an obscure 1,000 pound monument that no one can or ever reads. Hey Luke, why don’t you do something useful, like trying to attract business and jobs to the area or work on a plan to reopen all businesses instead of driving them away with your stupid mask ordinance or anything except trying to assuage your feelings of guilt? Get over it and do some real work. ”

“The position of a county administrator is a waste of time and money, and lastly: it is absolutely unnecessary. Apparently, the county board now has money to pay for a ‘county administrator,’ but not for the other positions that they’ve had to let go? Interesting. When you all in our county re-elect these representatives who want a county administrator, think of this before you reelect the incumbent or elect someone else for county board: do you want a county board member who is transparent and diplomatic or one who will lie to you to get you to vote for them? Think about your answer before you elect that candidate for county board in next year’s election.”

In ‘Tension remains...’ of Oct. 17 about SUNY Oneonta President Barbara Jean Morris choosing to resign, Adrienne Martini, an elected Otsego County representative of Oneonta’s third and fourth ward, and an ex-employee of SUNY Oneonta, makes a tense situation more tense when she speaks about the ‘white’ interim president, Dennis Craig. Martini comments, ‘Replacing a woman with indigenous heritage, who really looked out for the Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) on campus, with yet another white guy is not a great look — and getting defensive when it is pointed out is only fanning the flames’ Please, the nonsense and selfishness, has to stop. It causes divisiveness. Did it ever occur to Martini, that Craig, the white guy, might just be the perfect fit since he has the exact skill set, credentials, work ethic and related achievements to make him the best choice for the job? Stop the insanity.”

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