THOUGHTS FROM A LOST SPRING: Nothing in life is perfect

Troy Record-8 months before

I have been part of the volleyball and lacrosse program here at Shaker since I was in seventh grade, and it’s been the best 5 years I could ask for.

Volleyball for me started as a sport just to fill in that “slot” during the fall. I would play volleyball waiting for my favorite time of year, the spring. As time went on, volleyball here at Shaker became fun and my senior season this year was the best I’ve had. Thanks to Coach DeBellis I was able to get a starting position and earn honorable mention at the end of the season.

Lacrosse has been my first love since I can...remember. I started with always to my brothers games, seeing my dad ref, and then eventually ending up playing myself. This spring season of my senior year was already starting out to be my favorite year ever.

With pre-season workouts, meeting up with friends to do wall ball, tournaments, and so much more, I knew that as we led up to the spring season it was going to be a big year for me. When I heard that my last season ever playing at Shaker was officially canceled, it was the hardest news I’ve heard in a while.

My high school lacrosse season was officially over, and I would never get to play with my friends again.

These negative thoughts didn’t stop me. Our head coach, Joe Pollicino, is always sending us motivational quotes every morning, holding Zoom meetings everyday at 4 to go over plays, and great drills to do in our backyards during quarantine. He has made this process so much easier, and fun, and it sort of feels like my season hasn’t truly ended.

I am still working everyday to get better at lacrosse as I will be playing at SUNY Oneonta next year, but it still doesn’t feel the same. I truly wish I was playing with my teammates at Shaker, but nothing in life is perfect. I want all the underclassmen to remember that high school flies by, please don’t take anything for granted, as it could end in an instant; live everyday to your fullest, and always give 110% no matter what you are doing.

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