The Giddings Foundation is accepting applications for scholarships

Hudson Valley-1 year before

Eligible applicants must have a GPA of 85 percent and plan to enroll in a two or four year academic or vocational program after graduating from high school. The Foundation makes awards based on overall personal achievement, with an emphasis on leadership, community service, and high academic standing.

Payment of scholarship monies is coordinated by the Foundation to ensure each recipient receives the fullest benefit of the award, and are made payable to the designated school.

Alice Foise Giddings founded the Alice and Murray Giddings Foundation Inc., in 1995 to institute co...tinued support for her lifelong interests in education. Raised in New York City, she received her professional degree at the New York Training School for Teachers and then pursued a career in the New York City public school system before retiring with her husband to Chatham Center.

To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $750,000 to students throughout Columbia County. The scholarships have supported students’ higher education pursuits at over 70 colleges and universities.

Applications are available from and all inquiries should be directed to the high school guidance departments. Check with your school’s guidance counselor for the application due date. Recipients will be notified in May 2020.

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