Town of Saugerties supervisor looks to build on efforts from past year

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Costello said during a recent phone interview that work at the Bristol Beach property in the hamlet of Malden-on-Hudson is among priorities.

The town this year created an entrance from U.S. Route 9W and a parking and expect to begin work on a trail at the site next year.

“There is definitely going to be a trail,” Costello said. “Although it might be a primitive trail, it will be a trail. ... The next step is to bring in a piece of equipment and follow [trail markings] that we developed and make it passable for people to use.”

Saugerties this year also began w...rk on a solar power installation at the town transfer station off Route 212 and expects it to go online soon.

The project was authorized in March, and developer East Light Partners agreed to pay the town $30,000 per year in addition to $1,900 annually under a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement.

The town also has an option to commit to purchasing 40 percent of the electricity generated by the solar array. Saugerties officials say the deal could cut the town's energy cost by 10 percent.

Town projects completed included culvert repairs on Platte Clove Road. The work fixed damage caused by Tropical Storms Irene and Lee in 2011.

“They was ... a New York Rising project,” Costello said, referring to the storm recovery program launched by the state after the two storms. “That was a culvert at risk of failing [because] it was too small to handle the frequency of the 100-year storms that we get.”

“Right now, we successfully adopt out about 300 animals a year,” Costello said. “When the [new] shelter is complete, we expect to exceed that. We feel confident we can do about 500 animals at year.”

Among Saugerties efforts in 2019 that failed to work out was an attempt to adopt a noise ordinance. The plan was dropped after residents said they feared language in the proposed law would be applied to matters not specifically mentioned.

“I don’t fault us for trying, but either the community just doesn’t want one or we did not prepare ourselves enough to for what the concerns would be about,” Costello said.

Costello said he does expect to make another attempt at changing the zoning designation along Kings Highway, where land-use regulations prohibit many retail operations.

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