Young Jeezy: Officially no longer young

The Guardian-7 years before

Jeezy revealed the change during a recent appearance on MTV's RapFix Live, correcting the presenter who introduced him. "It's [just] Jeezy now," he said. "I'm grown now. I did enough of that."

MTV's RapFix Live Jeezy's first indie album came out about 12 years ago, under the alias Lil J. He has since released more than a dozen mixtapes, and four major label full-lengths, all of which reached the top tier of the US billboard. In the UK, Jeezy has featured on hit singles such as">Christina Milian's Say I and Usher's Love in This Club.

Christina Milian Usher With his birthday on 12 October and the followup to 2011's TM: 103 due later this year, the rapper explained that he is due a change.

"[The decision] sounds good because when I came into the game, that's what I was and that was my state of mind. But I'm a grown man now," he said.

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