Boston tour company hopes to convert its buses into mobile vaccination sites

WCVB Boston-06-Feb 2021

Yankee Line in South Boston is among the tour bus companies that have been stalled by the coronavirus.

“This time of year, we’d normally be doing ski trips. There are conventions that we typically do in New York City and Boston, as well,” said Michael Costa, manager of Yankee Line.

Costa hopes Yankee Line buses can help bring vaccinations to communities who don’t have great accessibility to them. He also wishes to bring people onto those buses to get immunized.

“People without personal vehicles, people in areas that have poor transit connections, people tha... are working for employers that maybe it is harder for them to go from their site of employment to a vaccination location,” Costa said.

Costa says it takes about a day to reconfigure a Yankee Line bus into a mobile vaccination unit with six different stations that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has proper airflow.

In addition to the 70 buses in the Yankee Line fleet, Costa says there are 1,500 other luxury buses with other companies nationwide that could be used for the same purpose.

"We're hoping that we can just extend our hand to let everybody know that this is an idle industry," Costa said. "We're sitting here. We're ready to go, and we can go anywhere. We're mobile."

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